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The Burrito in our Pocket

Pocket is a wonderful tool to file away tidbits of social media magic. One item buried deep in our files is on the “Burrito Principle.”

It’s capitalized for emphasis, and because it comes from someone who deserves reverence, Beth Kanter. If memory serves, we worked with Kanter in 2012, on helping gain exposure for an international sustainability network called (shameless plug).

Back to the burrito. Burritos are delicious. You can eat them with one hand … while scrolling through Facebook or another social network with your other thumb (and fingers, if you’re using a mouse).

Kanter shared “The Best Times to Post to Social Media,” a question we often get, from Darian Rodriguez Heyman, co-founder of Social Media for Nonprofits.

burrito bruniges

Burrito. With one hand free for surfing. Credit: Ross Bruniges

We refer back to this post once in a while, because it’s a way to cut through the varying statistics (some conflicting) on the best moments to engage people on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Answer: When they’re eating. Or more precisely, when they have “down time” and are most likely to login. Like when they’re eating a burrito, or waiting in line at the grocery store (also an opportune time to log your visit on Facebook, complain about a long line, or gain a few stars on Swarm).

We’ve tried applying this thinking when using social media scheduling apps, and it works. Another opportune time: about 10 p.m., after the kids go to bed (H/T to Heyman).

Actually, we’ve found that anything after 8 p.m. tends to be the most popular on Twitter, for at least some our clients. The early hours of the morning also are a popular time for people to like posts on Facebook, heart posts on Twitter, and try to wake up for the work day.

You might call that one the “Coffee Principle.”